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by | May 05, 2010 |

I made peanut butter cookies and bought a bouquet of roses and lilies in order to come to terms with connecting with you after such a terrible race.  I had to really rally for this blog.  The Virgin London Marathon went so wrong for no specific reason, and that is the most difficult thing to grasp. All that preparation. What happened? I don’t know.

Since arriving home last week, I had been nursing an intense headache and a fever that finally subsided. I spent all weekend in bed and it feels good to get up and get some fresh air. Despite the fact that I’m taking the month of May off of running, the next four weeks will have a running focus. After celebrating the birthday of our Chocolate Lab this week, we are hitting the road.  Our final destination will be San Diego for the Rock and Roll Marathon. There is one month to go and for those of you running, I hope you’re getting excited. If you haven’t already, you still have time to get accustomed to the Citrus Cytomax they will be serving along the course on race day.  Hydration is a main part of making it through the distance and the more you can be prepared, the better. Get your body used to drinking Cytomax so you don’t have to adjust to something new on race day.

Throughout the next month, during my travels, I’ll be keeping in touch as I visit Napa, Austin, San Diego and Olathe, Kansas. These running promotional trips are sure to be fun, so make sure to read my blogs coming up. I’ll also give some tips each week as the race gets closer.